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Directing and producing for theatre and film (fiction and documentary) has long been a passion for Sheena. Her approach is a seamless combination of research, collaboration, intuitive creativity, and a firm directorial hand.


Her Arts CV and Youtube Channel detail a varied and creative professional history. If you look at her recent projects, you will see that the theme which runs through much of her work is an exploration of who we are – and how that identity connects to issues of equity and social justice.

Her current passion project is a collaborative film-making initiative created with youth from Regent Park, in collaboration with professional artists. The resulting web series is innovative and meaningful, and tells stories not often heard.

Visit to investigate.


Here’s what other artists say about working with Sheena as a director:


“As a cinematographer who has been shooting features and documentaries for over 15 years, I've had the opportunity to work with some of Canada's most celebrated directors. Recently I had the privilege to be a part of the Regent Park Project, and director Sheena D. Robertson was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Her passion and dedication to the film inspired the entire crew of this very special project. Sheena fostered an environment of inclusivity where both actors and crew felt comfortable to contribute to the creative process, and the result was a very meaningful experience for everyone involved, and produced a beautiful film.”

~Daniel Grant, Director of Photography


“Sheena's clear minded as a director. Her calm integrity, combined with her fierce directness, comes through in her work. She never settles, and better yet, she has ability to encourage others to join her in her pursuit of something rare.”

~ Wendy Anderson. Actor, Director, Producer

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