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Workshops, Intensives, Consulting

 Sheena D. Robertson 

Over the past 25 years, Sheena has become much sought after as a leader and consultant in the fields of arts-education, social justice, and youth engagement.  She is much in demand for her heartfelt, connective, and hands-on approaches, and her thoughtfulness re the role of creativity in bridging cultural differences. 
She started her career in Toronto's inner city community of Regent Park, and has become an expert in engaging at-risk youth in meaningful ways. Her rich background has allowed her to develop unique, action-based, fun approaches when it comes to the training she offers.
She has a Masters in Education from OISE/UofT, and an extensive resume that details professional development, resource design, and consulting for organizations in the public and non-profit sectors. She has worked both nationally and internationally, and at institutions such as OISE/UofT (AQ for teachers, Faculty Advisor, Facilitator), York University, the Royal Conservatory (Former Course Director Artist-Education Courses), and the Ontario Ministry of Education.
She is also the Artistic Director of Kick Start Arts Society, a not-for-profit organization with the mission of using the arts as a modality for 'Intercultural Dialogue in Action'! KSA uses creativity to bridge communities - building connection, understanding and empowerment. Sheena was a finalist of the Toronto Arts Council's 2017 TD Diversity Award.

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Note From Sheena:
In this moment of quarantine, I recognize the stress so many educators are facing, and am very happy to offer training, support, and creative solutions created in collaboration with you, and focused on your practical needs in teaching your students. You are not in this alone.

~ Sheena


I Can Support You With:


    - Arts and Literacy 
    - Arts Education
    - The Modern Learner, Inquiry, and the Arts
    - Engaging Students 

Mentorship/ Planning Pedagogical Support:    

    - One on one, small group sessions.

Group Building/Community Building Intensives


We also can offer online arts sessions for your students through Kick Start Arts! 

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Sheena's ability to give feedback is unparalleled. During my Master's thesis my supervisor was an expert, and he was good, but Sheena is on a whole different level. Her ability to give feedback is therapeutic. On multiple occasions, I was in awe at how she was able to carry out student transformations. She was able to perfectly pinpoint certain key moments in class and completely encourage student growth with her kind and true words. I consider myself privileged to have been able to experience this process first hand. Thank you for this wonderful journey."

~ Dylan Guarda
Course Participant


"For all the students and teachers she works with, Sheena has the shining ability to promote personal and collaborative growth inside and outside the arts."

~ Larry Swartz
OISE/University of Toronto

"Lovely facilitator - perfect balance of honesty, experience, knowledge, skill, humour, structure, activity! LOVED IT!"
~ Elementary Teacher

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